Woman's Dive Day July 13 (ish), 2024:
planning for next year!!

​Let’s bond over a love of the water and a passion for diving. We strengthen and support the dive community with fun, adventure and camaraderie. Alberta Adventure Divers hosts a special dive event for this day!

What do prairie gals do for Woman's Dive Day?

We go to Clear Lake and scuba dive!!!

Q & A about Woman's Dive Day, with Connie

Is it only for women?
Connie: NO!!! At our event, guys play an important part. They are our Sherpas, our meal preparers, servers and dive buddies.

Is it a 'girly girl' thing? Like: make up, nails and romance?
Connie: NO: It is a real dive event - we are scuba divers and surface support, who love adventure. We often earn a PADI specialty certification!


Woman's Dive Day

Search for UW life in Clear Lake - there is a surprising variety! Our event features the PADI Underwater Naturalist certification



Women's Dive Day: Dive Against Debris

Our regular dive area in Clear Lake is kept clean by diligent divers, so we loaded into boats & ventured to new dive areas! 


Shark Awareness:

We're not afraid of Covid, or sharks!  Find the dozen sharks scattered about the underwater course, and enjoy a presentation on sharks.  PADI Shark Conservation certificate earned.


Scuba Bingo

Fill your bingo card: bring back garbage, shoot a flamingo, complete the hula hoop challenge; shake hands with a skeleton; collect a beverage bouquet, and so on…..  After the dive, enjoy a fantastic barbeque cooked and served by Sherpas.


SMB Deployment

Every woman should know how to handle her Submersible Marker Buoy!  The SMB alerts people and boats on the surface to your position underwater.
Tons of fun was had, and the PADI SMB certificate was earned.


Our Inaugural Woman’s Dive Day

Enthusiastic Sherpas treated us to many amazing UW treats: an UW photo shoot, ruining our diet UW with chocolate, and more.  The amazing ‘sit down meal with real china’ was supplied, prepared and hosted by dive event champion Dawn Read.  A glorious start to Women’s Dive Day celebrations!