About Us

Connie & David Faas Divers First; Owners SecondAlberta Adventure Divers really did start out with two divers wanting access to air fills in the middle of the bald prairies, back in 1988. Starting with an air compressor in our garage this 'hobby' has grown into a full service PADI 5 Star dive center owned by Connie and David Faas. We thank our loyal dive buddies and customers for encouraging us on this path. Our goal is to train safe, skilled, knowledgeable divers who have an environmental awareness and a passion for diving. "Full service" means more than classes. You’ll receive our random e-newsletters. Read about what’s happening in the local dive area, as well as dive travel opportunities, and opportunities for continuing diver education. We hope you’ll stay active in diving, that you’ll continue to learn about the sport and about different diving environments and activities. Follow our activities on Facebook as well.

Alberta Adventure Divers offers top-of-the-line equipment from manufacturers like Mares, Aqualung, Sherwood and many more. Scuba is “life-support” equipment, so we have selected manufacturers who produce only the highest quality, most reliable equipment. Your life support equipment must be absolutely reliable. You can have peace of mind when you purchase your gear from us. Properly maintained equipment will last for years and years. Bring your equipment in for annual servicing. Our fully-trained equipment technicians can help you keep your valuable gear in peak operating condition. As a PADI 5-Star full service diving facility serving the central Alberta/Saskatchewan area since 2003, we are dedicated to providing you superior training, equipment, service and travel – with the personal attention you deserve. Whether you are a newcomer to the silent world or an experienced diver, Alberta Adventure Divers has what you need. We appreciate our customers support and loyalty.


Dan Ermel - Shopkeeper & Avid Diver

You are sure to meet Dan when you visit the dive store. Dan has been our dive buddy for years. In Feb of 2016 he heard we were looking for a handy-man to run the dive store, fill cylinders, and organize dive events and dive nights. Dan put up his hand and said ‘pick me’. We did, and haven’t looked back. Say hi to Dan at the store, or at the lake! ​ ​Dive Advice: Never dive beyond your limits. Keep expanding your training to stretch those limits! Dive interests: Wrecks!!! And the life on them! Diving since: 2005 (wish it was 1975!)