Technical Diving: 
Exceeding the limits of recreational diving.

Tec diving is not for everyone, but it does attract experienced divers who want to go beyond their current limits and are willing to accept the added risks, training, investment and commitment it demands.

David and Mark instruct on the Inspiration CCR, and enjoy travel to locations that are rebreather friendly.


Technical diving in Alberta? Really? Why?

"To go deeper - and increase the safety factors."

"To go places beyond recreational dive limits: wrecks; caves."

"To explore."

"To get closer to fish and critters."

Instructors on the Inspiration Evolution CCR:

PADI Rebreather

Advanced Rebreather

PADI Tec 40 and Tec 60 CCR

Open Circuit Sidemount


‚ÄčTechnical Diving - your guide to diving excellence and perfection. Our approach to rebreather, sidemount and cavern dive instruction is rooted in safety, reliable and streamlined equipment choices, problem solving and situational awareness We offer programs that are taught to high standards from experienced instructors who are willing to travel to appropriate environments to teach and practice technical diving. David and Connie love to tell the stories of being among the first divers certified in the safe use of Enriched Air Nitrox in the early 1990’s, when it was referred to as ‘Voodoo Gas’. Soon after that we became certified in cave diving, then Trimix diving and gas blending with Helium. David became Inspiration Rebreather certified, which is his true love, and is now a CCR instructor to tech 60. Should we be surprised that Mark followed in his footsteps, and is now a CCR instructor to tech 40, and is cave certified as well.

Connie does her exploring in sidemount or backmount twin cylinder configurations, and offers recreational and technical diving classes in the sidemount configuration. If you find you wish to dive longer, deeper, and venture into the technical dive community, we’d love to start you on your journey, whether it be CCR or open circuit diving. The tech community is very ‘political’ and we can advise and guide on the many options for streamlined gear configuration and the ability to conduct goal oriented dives in a safe fashion. Is your goal to explore wrecks, caverns, caves, or just to keep up with the air consumption of your efficient dive buddy? With proper gear and training, technical diving extends your bottom time. Our dedication to our students’ development, our passion for underwater exploration, and our personal diving experience and disciplines set us ahead of the pack in both recreational and technical diving education. Contact us for details and a personal training schedule will be developed.



If you would like more info about technical diving, tell us about your experience and travel or training interests.  We'll be happy to follow up!