Sales, Equipment Servicing, Cylinder Fills & Rentals

We sell major scuba brands and stock items from the smallest o-ring to full gear packages.
Our full rental fleet includes dry suits, as well as BCD's, regulators, etc.
We service equipment brands that we sell; visually inspect cylinders, repair dry suits, etc.

Sales:  Aqualung, Mares, Sherwood - we stock brand name manufacturers!




Sales: fun stuff, shiny things and doo-dads for divers!


Services: reg service, dry suit repairs, visual inspections to keep us diving!



Equipment rentals: full sets of dive gear, including dry suits!

We have such incredible turn out for our dive events that we have been known to run out!
Our advice is to confirm and book early if you require rental equipment.


Our dry suits, wet suits and all gloves/hoods/booties/etc. are carefully cleaned and disinfected between uses.

Our well stocked rental fleet of BCD's and regulators. All reg sets now come with dive computers.

For organized store events, we will bring rental equipment out to Clear Lake. A real time saver for our customer!


Cylinder fills: ​Air & Nitrox of course! Also trimix & O2.

We fill CO2 as well, for home beer brewers, and little cylinders for machines that make fizzy beverages.​We fill Avalanche packs for sledders as well.


Grandbaby Thea helps out at the store!