Clear Lake

Our 'home base' for local events and courses

We are near Wainwright - careful - there are two other Clear Lakes in Alberta!!!!


From Wainwright, go East on highway 14 for about 15 km to the Clear Lake/Arm Lake turnoff sign.
Go South 10 km to the next Clear/Arm Lake sign past the tracks at the curve, turn right and follow the road about 4 km to the public beach.
Camping is not allowed at Clear Lake, but excellent camping exists at the Arm Lake recreational area, about 5 km up the road.

Scuba Diving Hazards and facilities at Clear Lake

1. Power Boat Hazard: Divers must always fly a dive flag.
2. Silt bottom / Reduced visibility: Maintain close buddy contact at all times.
3. Lines - 1/4" yellow nylon rope marks items in the course. Watch that dive equipment does not dangle and risk entanglement.
4. Depths ranges from 20' to 55'. The Deep Spot at 62' is an especially long swim!
5. Outhouse style washrooms are at the public beach.
6. Local facilities and contacts: Wainwright hospital and ambulance: call 911
7. Nearest hyperbaric chamber: Edmonton at Misericordia Community Hospital (780)970-5611.  All dive questions, emergency or not: call DAN: 1-919-684-4326


Directions to find the Underwater Course at the public beach

From the shore:
At the public beach, head 90 degrees (E). Surface swim until you see the drop off. Submerge, continue on 90 degrees for 15 feet. You will find the Safety Stop Structure or a yellow nylon line marking the border of the course. Follow the lines, explore, and enjoy your dive. The return heading from anywhere on the course is 270 degrees (W) which will take you back to the drop off.