Pumpkin Dive - bragging rights!

Divers of all levels - join us - carve your pumpkin underwater! 
Pumpkin Dive & Lake Clean Up Sept. 28, 2024
Click here for information from the 2023 Pumpkin Dive

Earn your "PADI Underwater Pumpkin Carver" distinctive specialty card.

Alberta Adventure Divers has been hosting the "Pumpkin Dive" since 1994.
The 'Mystery Dive' is a fun opening event, then you carve!
The challenge is to keep your buoyant pumpkin underwater while you use your dive knife to carve the 'best' pumpkin.
​The independent, and unbribable judges have a tough job!

This epic dive event is a local tradition, since 1994. 
If you’ve been to the pumpkin dive in the past, you know the fun waiting for you, if it is your first time – welcome to the UW pumpkin carving club!


Previous pumpkin dives:


The largest UW pumpkin!

Father-daughter team.​

We have a winning pumpkin!


Mystery dive to start the day.

Sign your dive releases, sir!

Piped call to the dive briefing.