How to LOVE cold water diving!

By Mark Faas IN Blog

Mar 01, 2021

Exposure Protection 101 – Diving in Alberta - and anywhere else in cooler water By Mark Faas & Connie Faas Introduction, by Connie: As land-locked prairie divers, we celebrate what makes cold water diving the best: As land-locked prairie di.. Read More

Where to divers dive around Wainwright & Lloydminster?

By Mark Faas IN Blog

Feb 24, 2020

More than one certified diver has been posted to Wainwright, and sold their dive gear, assuming there was nowhere to dive in the middle of the Canadian Prairie. Sometime after arriving in Wainwright, they discover Alberta Adventure Divers, and the lo.. Read More

Where do divers dive around Red Deer?

By Mark Faas IN Blog

Feb 20, 2020

Many people learn to dive in the Caribbean or some other tropical location, and then come back to Alberta, thinking they won’t be able to dive until the next time they can afford a plane ticket. What they might not know is that there is an exte.. Read More